Katy needs to walk the plank.

I’m not saying Gaga Invented Mermaids, or the Idea of Being a Mermaid in a music video, But I just find it Funny/Interesting that after the Original EOG video concept leaked, then later on was scrapped, that Now Katy perry is dressing as a mermaid. She out of no where has this new found love for mermaids, and the little mermaid. Yeah you can come at me, saying that Lady Gaga rips Madonna off, and that she’s copying the Cherish Music video, but Madonna wasn’t a mermaid, there were mermaids in her video. I completely believe that katy is ripping off Lady gaga with out a doubt. She wishes she was her! Even with her #1 singles, she’s going to be forgotten and the sooner that happens the better!

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